What is Design Mirror?
Design Mirror is a tool, a web app to reflect personality and perception using images and colors. For individuals but mainly groups who can pick a subject e g their company, create a group mirror and see the choices together.
How do I create a mirror?
Go to Mirrors, the house icon. Click + down to the right. Select what to mirror, the name of your Mirror. If your organization or team is called AAB name it for example:

"AAB Division A"
"AAB Current Identity"
"AAB New Identity"
"AAB Leadership"
"AAB Team"
"AAB Style of Play"
"AAB Coaching"

Similarly for an personal mirror.
How do I change the mirror name?
Go to the Mirror, click the sliders icon for options, then the gear icon for settings. Select Edit Mirror Name.
How do I create a group?
In Mirror go to Group View up to the right. Click Create.
How do I delete a mirror or group?
In Mirror Settings ( click the gear icon). Deleting a group will delete all Mirrors and Answers in Survey ( if used) by members except yours.
How do I add members to a group?
In Group View click the icon, man with a plus down to the right. Go to New Member. Add by email or share the link.
What is Unity - Survey of Perception?
A simple survey of Perception that will show level of unity among members in their view on selected images and colors. Based on Design Genetics.
How do I start a Survey of Perception?
Go to Mirror Settings, change Unity to On.
How do I report an error or get support?
Go to Support in the app to learn more. For other questions send an email to support[at]
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