Design Mirror
and Perception Open App
Design Mirror is a tool, a web app for mirroring personality and perception using images and colors.

The visual language

The visual language can often say more than words. Using the visual language is not new, nor a magical tool. It is up to the user to understand what the higher consciousness is trying to convey. There the magic can occur. What is special about Design Mirror is that groups can create a mirror and see it together to develop the collective consciousness.

Act as one

Letting members of a team choose a color and a picture of an animal on the question "What is our identity?" may seem trivial but can bring new knowledge that makes the group more unified and act as one, provided that one interprets correctly.

Degree of Unity

In addition to the visual mirroring, Design Mirror has a unique visual and emotional survey that finds out how united the group is around the mirroring. Based on Design Genetics.

Design Mirror and Mission

Design Mirror is a project in beta by Pål Bergström, a privately owned and currently non-profit project that aims to contribute to unity in a increasingly divided world. Support the project with a donation.

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