Design Mirror
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Create Unity in Groups and Teams
Using the Visual Language

Mirror Personality and Perception

The visual language can often say more than words. Design Mirror is a tool for mirroring personality and perception for increased self-awareness using images, colors and words (when needed). Mainly for groups but can also be used by individuals (e g Vision Board).

A collective consciousness

Using the visual language is not new, nor a magical tool. It is up to you or your group to understand what it is trying to convey from the higher consciousness. There the magic can occur. What is special about Design Mirror is that groups can do and see it together to develop the collective consciousness.

Act as one

Letting members of a team choose a color and a picture of an animal on the question "What is our identity?" may seem trivial but can bring new knowledge that makes the group more unified and act as one by strengthening and clarifying the collective consciousness.

Synchronize perception

Let the mirror speak for itself or take the help of a unique survey based on Design Genetics on top of the visual that asks how you feel and what visual details you see in each selected color and image. The survey can help create unity in a group by revealing differences in perception and emotional blockages among its members.

Unity gives energy

An inner balance, positive emotions and a synchronized view of who one is and where to go give the group, your organization or team more energy and power in their journey forward.


Mirroring a group can give many answers but only give positive effect if everyone understands and acknowledges each other's opinions and feelings. Therefore, consider mirroring as a basis for further dialogue.


The purpose of Design Mirror is to create increased self-awareness and unity among groups of people in an increasingly polarized and hateful world by making people see the unity of the collective consciousness where the visual language is common.


Design Mirror is currently free to use. You can support my work with a donation

A project in Beta by Pål Bergström.